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In n out added Hot Cocoa to their menu.

In n out is best known for its simple menu of burgers, milkshakes, fries and fountain drinks. They are also known for an extensive Secret Menu. However, the famous fast food chain hasn’t added an […]

10 Bridesmaid dresses under $100 everyone will love.

While the bridesmaids usually purchase their own dresses, accessories, and shoes for the wedding, It’s a nice gesture for the bride-to-be to make it as affordable as possible. It also helps when the dress can […]

The 10 best websites for finding a bargain on anything!

Gilt Yes, Gilt has been around for awhile but they are still the perfect place to find a bargain . They have deals on high end designer items, beauty products, furniture, travel deals, and even […]

Breakfast Happy Hour at 26 Beach

Breakfast Happy Hour ? Yes, it is true! Beach 26 in Venice has one of the best happy hour menus available in Los Angeles during breakfast. The restaurant is adorable and has an indoor patio […]

6 ways you can travel the world for free!

1. Teach English in a Foreign Country Believe it or not, knowing English is a very valuable commodity around the world. Several of my friends have taught English in Korea, Japan, and China, while getting […]