DIY Mini succulent garden

Baby succulent and mini cacti are super cute, and very easy to maintain. This is a fun and inexpensive project. Best of all, it uses something you probably already have at home,  a tuna can!
What you will need:
An empty tuna can
Baby succulents or cacti. ( I bought mine from my local hardware store for less than $3.)
Spray paint
Acrylic paint
Paint brush
Extra top soil

1. Remove label from tuna can.

2. Wash off any access glue with a sponge and water. Wait for it to dry.

3. Spray paint the outside of the tuna can following the instructions on your spray paint. Wait for spray paint to dry completely.

4. Paint the inside of the tuna can with acrylic paint. You might need 2-3 layers of paint. Wait for it to dry completely.

5. Remove your succulent and soil from original container.

6. Place succulent into tuna can. Arrange until you are happy with placement.

7. Add top soil as needed.

8. Enjoy your mini succulent garden!

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