6 ways you can travel the world for free!

1. Teach English in a Foreign Country

Believe it or not, knowing English is a very valuable commodity around the world. Several of my friends have taught English in Korea, Japan, and China, while getting paid and having their housing expenses paid for. Teaching requirements vary by country, and you are very likely required to have a Bachelors degree and pass a TEFL exam. Research the country you are interested in teaching in for requirements. You can also do what I did, and apply for an Au pair job teaching abroad. Do your research, view requirements by country, and talk to the family before deciding on where to go. Make sure that your main duties will be to teach the kids English. I was very lucky, and found a wonderful family in Spain. To become an au pair I recommend Au pair World.

2. Couch Surf

Did you know that you can stay in someones couch for free while travelling? Websites like Couch Surfing and Global Freeloaders bring together like minded travelers. If you’d like, you can meet your host for a coffee and luckly make a new friend with an extra couch/ futon.

3. House Sitting

Websites such as Trusted House Sitters , Mind my House, and Caretaker Gazette allow you to meet people from other countries who need someone to take care of their house/apartment/pets for a small fee. if your interested in house sitting make sure to research visa requirements before you commit to a job.

4. House Swap

If you live in your own apartment or house, you can swap homes with someone in your desired vacation spot. Check out Home Exchange, Guest to Guest, and Love Home Swap for the opportunity to browse thru homes in other cities. You can even apply if you are not an owner but a renter! Make sure to set limits and ask for references before you agree to swapping homes with someone.

5. Travel Hack

Travel Hacking has been around for years, but is finally being talked about. It consists of joining rewards programs with the most points and hacking your way to free hotel rooms and airfare. Read Travel Hacking Cartel and Nomadic Matt for tips on how to start travel hacking.

6. Misstravel

I’ve never tried this website but I have heard good things from people that have used it. Misstravel was designed for women and men that love travel and are looking for a date to join them. As in any online dating site, use your best judgement before picking a date. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You can choose to pay for part, some, or none of your vacation. You can let prospective dates know where you are interested in going and chat with them thru the website.

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