The 10 best websites for finding a bargain on anything!


Yes, Gilt has been around for awhile but they are still the perfect place to find a bargain . They have deals on high end designer items, beauty products, furniture, travel deals, and even local discounts on Gilt City.


An oldie but a goodie Ebay is the best place to find bargains on wholesale lots, fashion, furniture, art, and even cars. Just be careful and make sure that the seller has good reviews before purchasing. Ask all of the questions about the item before bidding and read the item descriptions before asking anything.  

Vestaire Collective

Vestaire Collective was one of online resale shops for high end fashion. They are based in Europe and have become popular in the US for fashionistas.


Another classic, Groupon still has ever changing deals on experiences and small goods. You can even book a travel giveaway at amazing prices.


Tradesy is an online fashion resale shop. You can list your own items or buy from them at up to 90% off retail. Most of the items are pre-owned but they also have several new items with tags. 


Poshmark is also an online fashion resale shop. It is easy to use. Before the seller receives the money from your purchase you have 3 days to make sure that what you bought is authentic and  exactly as described. 

Material World

Material World is a high end fashion resale shop. They curate the items they receive and price them accordingly. They make it easy to send in high end fashion you no longer want. They send you a bag with pre-paid shipping with list of accepted brands. All items are guaranteed authentic and are usually priced at up to 80% off retail. 


Hollar started as an online version of the 99 cent store. The original concept  has changed a bit but they still have great deals on toys, makeup, home goods and more. Prices start at only $1.


Wish is a website where you can order items directly from China. Its a way to cut out the middle man and buy from the wholesaler directly. Most items are priced at very low costs. However, be careful as some items on the first page might be more expensive than the second or third page.  Make sure to read all the reviews for the item and order many weeks in advance as shipping can take anywhere from 3 weeks to a couple of months.

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