Dorado Beach: A Ritz-Carlton Reserve

I was lucky enough to stay at Dorado Beach, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve the last weekend in August, 2019. The hotel is beautiful. From the moment you enter the property the entrance will take your breath away.

Lily pad entrance of Dorado Beach

As soon as your car arrives you will be offered a refreshing frozen fruit Popsicle. On the left side of the lily pond, you will find the check-in desk and concierge.

Frozen fruit Popsicles

Check-in is fast and you are introduced to your “Embajador/a,” your personal concierge. They will escort you to your room and help with your luggage.


The view from the concierge desk is even more beautiful than when you first arrive.

Lobby view

Entry-level rooms start at $849/night during the off-season and are 665 sq. ft.

West beach double room, entry-level

We stayed in a West Beach Reserve one bedroom with a plunge pool, which starts at $1,349/night.

Plunge pool

It was great to have our own mini-pool but we decided to wander off to the main pool and try one of the restaurants on the property.

Main pool

We first tried the food at Positivo Sand Bar, an informal restaurant with a seafood-forward menu.

One of the unique things about Positivo is that you are given a positive message in a bottle when you sit down.

The food was great! I ordered the Ahi tuna poke which is served with fried Nori crackers ($22). I sometimes find myself craving it.

When you sit around the pool you are given your own cool towels, 4 water bottles and sunscreen.

The sunset views from the pool are mesmerizing.

I read about Spa Botánico at Dorado Beach and booked a Treehouse Massage weeks ahead of our stay. It was one of my favorite parts about the resort. You are greeted by a 90 year old tree.

Then you will walk into the Apothecary Room where the smell of lavender and soothing herbs fill the air.

You will then walk out to a large open space with a reflective pool and check-in desk.

They will give you a tour of the spa and show you the amenities, including the outdoor showers,

plunge pools and sauna

and the women’s quite room.

You can enjoy the amenities all day if you have a treatment scheduled. The Treehouse Massage left me ultra-relaxed.

Have you visited Dorado Beach or Spa Botánico? Please let me know in the comments!

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