5 tips to selling more on Poshmark

  • 1. Take great pictures
  • First impressions are always key and a picture can either catch a buyers eye or make them want to keep scrolling. Make sure that you are taking your time to take good quality pictures with good lighting and a clean background.
    • Example :


  • 2. Share, share, share
  • Make sure to share all of your closet listings to your followers at least once a day. Share to parties. Share to your social media. I have a twitter that I created just to share my closet and have many people share and buy items from that source.
  • 3. Switch to sell view
  • One of my favorite tools on Poshmark is to create a bundle for likers. If a potential buyer likes one of your listings or several of your listings, you can create a bundle offer for them. The best part about it is the discount doesn’t have to be more than 10% off. I never use the “offer to likers” button because its a prerequisite to offer 10% off and a discount on shipping. When someone likes an item in your closet, go to their profile click on the bag on top.
  • click on the …
  • Click on Switch to sell mode.
  • At the bottom of the screen, Poshmark will show you everything that person has liked in your closet. You can add them to a bundle for them by clicking on the small bag . Then send them any offer you like.
  • 4. List at the perfect price
  • Are you pricing your items correctly? Do your research before you list. one of the reasons you might not be selling something is beacuase you have it priced too high. If you are selling something on Poshmark, make sure to check how much that item has sold for in the app before. I also recommend searching for your item on Sellhound. It will show you all of the secondhand websites what price your items are listed for and what they sold for in the past.

5. Find out what you are good at

  • Find your strong suits. Are you good at sourcing? Do you love sharing your closet? Are you the queen of getting people together? Knowing your specialty can help you waist less time and grow your business. If you know that you love sourcing, but hate sharing your closet, I recommend giving a VA a try. They are not for everyone, but if you have more than 200 listings they might be your savior. I have tried Prettibone in the past and was very pleased with her services. She will share your closet consistently and guarantees that you sell more than you spend on her services. Don’t expect miracles and take this time to source and list new items. I have also heard great things about Reseller Assistant and I am currently using their first week sharing package.
  • Great at bringing people together? Consider starting a Facebook group for Poshmark. Many groups have thousands of members with great tips and sourcing ideas. You can also host a shop and sip on Poshmark.
  • Love sharing your closet? Consider starting your own VA service. Many people are looking for someone ti share their closet or cross post for them. Your new VA business can also bring your closet new exposure.

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