A guide to purchasing vintage Lilly Pulitzer

I’ve always loved all things vintage, so when I bought a vintage Lilly Pulitzer dress for $2, I quickly became an addict. After being a part of every Facebook Lilly Pulitzer group, and collecting items for months, I think I have some very valuable tips for buying vintage Lilly. 

What to look for? 

Do your research first. For true vintage pieces, look for items with a white label. I use this blog as a reference for vintage labels. It will help you date the piece and learn if your item is original. 

Make sure that you ask for measurements. I can’t tell you how many times I have bought a Lilly Pulitzer dress that is “my size” only to find out it doesn’t fit. The sizing in the vintage clothing is very inconsistent. Before you buy anything always make sure to ask the seller for measurements.

Unfortunately Lilly Pulitzer is so popular that some people replicate it. It is very easy to find fake Lilly. I use this guide to stay away from dups.

Now that you know what to look for, let’s discuss my favorite places to buy Lilly! 


I’m officially obsessed with buying vintage Lilly pieces on Mercari. I have even bought vintage Lilly Pulitzer bundles (more than 2 pieces) for very reasonable prices. These three pieces were only $16! 

Mercari shopping tips: 

-Ask questions first. 

-If not in the listing, ask for a picture of the tags and measurement. Ask if the item has any stains or rips. 

-Make an offer but don’t offend them with a low offer.


You can find Lilly clothing from any era on Poshmark. One of my first Lilly purchases on Poshmark was this dress from the late 1990’s. The link was posted on a Facebook group by the admin. It was under $20 plus shipping and was in PERFECT condition. When I received it it fit me perfectly. 

I also purchased these 5 vintage pieces from the mid 1970’s for less than the price of buying one new Lilly dress. 

Look at those prints!

Poshmark Shopping Tips:

-Try searching for “The Lilly” for vintage dresses from the 60s-80s. 

-Make sure to not just search in “your size” as measurements differ in size by design.

-Visit the sellers profile and read the “About” section to read reviews from buyers. This will give you a good idea of if the seller is reliable or not!

-Make sure to search the sellers closet by brand. If you find one piece of Lilly, It is very likely that they have more than one piece of Lilly Pulitzer in their closet. If you find more than one piece you love, you can save on price and shipping by bundling. 

Thred Up

Another great place to find vintage Lilly Pulitzer is Thredup. I have found some pants and dresses that are hard to find. The items found in Thredup can get a bit expensive. I recommend only checking for vintage Lilly pieces on ThredUP once you are more familiar with patterns and designs.  Remember that you won’t be able to see the label before you buy. Make sure to follow the tips below when shopping. 

Thredup shopping tips:

-I suggest only buying from the Thredup Outlet section found here. If you don’t have the outlet section available make sure to shop when they have a coupon or discount code available. 

-If it’s your first time using thredUP use this link to sign up and you will get $10 off

-Make sure to sort all the items from Lilly Pulitzer by price. As thredUP depends on sellers to price their own items the prices are very inconsistent. Make sure you are getting the most affordable version of the item you love. 


Buying vintage Lilly Pulitzer on Facebook is easy to find, you just need to know where to look. My favorite Facebook group for Pre 2000s Lilly is “Lilly Pulitzer: We Want White Labels Group”. The group specializes in all things vintage Lilly. In the group, you can share your new vintage finds, or buy sell and trade. Everyone is very nice and they are even happy to help when you are in search for a specific piece.

Facebook shopping tips:

-Make sure to read the group’s rules before buying or selling anything

-Always read the sellers description before asking questions about an item

-Never pay someone you don’t know thru Venmo or Zelle. Always use Paypal goods and services so that your purchase is protected. 

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