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About Catalina Kennedy

Hello, my name is Catalina Kennedy. I am the creator and owner of Everything Spiffy. I currently live in Los Angeles, CA. I love food, travel, fashion, beauty products, and a good bargain. I would say that I have champagne tastes with a Trader Joe’s Prosecco budget. After having friends ask me for restaurant recommendations, recipes, and tips on where to shop, I decided to start a blog. Everything on the website has been tested by me. If I don’t like something, i don’t write about it. It’s a simple way to guarantee that everything on the website is spiffy.

About Everything Spiffy

Everything Spiffy is an affordable lifestyle blog. We share everything we love! You will find affordable places to eat, deals at your favorite stores, travel tips, tasty recipes, and more. We even have  a shop on Poshmark with highly curated fashion finds, all under $100! So sit back, sign up for our newsletter, and have all the bargains come to you.

Would you like for us to review one of your products, restaurants, or hotels? Please let us know by emailing us directly at: info@everythingspiffy.com